"Your hose should be ungartered, your bonnet unbanded, your
sleeve unbuttoned, your shoe untied, and everything about
you demonstrating a careless desolation."

This Just In: The Kamakura Shirt

"The shirt that Brooks Brothers forgot how to make."

As an adherent member of The Button Down Club—see the title of this blog—I have a mild severe obsession with button down shirts. So much so that I am always searching for the perfect shirt and collar. The absolute best that I have found is Hamilton Shirting in Houston, but getting MTM shirting with an employee discount is not always easy.

This is why after reading Derek’s OCBD Series at Put This On, my OCBD OCD, kicked into high gear. The reason for my obsessiveness is twofold: 1) Fit—I’m a big guy with a 17 1/4” neck, long arms, small shoulders and a long torso. I usually ended up having to deal with either short armed shirts, or big and tall sized shirts, and 2) History—the OCBD shirt has become the American sartorial equivalent of apple pie.

Last week, Kamakura Shirts finally launched their e-commerce. After finally being able to see pictures of the shirts, I knew I had to have one, the problem was picking just one. I called the store, spoke to Shizuka Nakano, and ordered the New York Classic Fit in a pink and white stripe broadcloth.

The shirt arrived and lives up to and even surpasses expectations. The fabric, collar and fit are all legit. Also, getting a good dress shirt at $79 is always a good thing.